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Koike Kazuo Sakuhin Fukyukai

Kazuo Koike

株式会社 小池一夫 作品普及会

子連れ狼 Lone Wolf and Cub

修羅雪姫 Lady Snowblood

首斬り朝 Samurai Executioner

御用牙 Hanzo the Razor

忘八武士道 Code of the Forgotten Eight

オークションハウス Auction House

盗撮影手パパラッチ Paparazzi




​Kazuo Koike Fukyukai owns Kazuo Koike 7 titles copyrights.​We have never accepted or approved an exclusive agent rights or related rights to any party or company  in Japan.For each manga art copyright, each manga artist owns the rights.

©️Koike Kazuo Sakuhin Fukyukai

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